Sunday, July 17, 2011



          Long time ago in the jungle, lived a buffalo, his name was Tom, Tom was very stupid but it was friendly. And also there was Bowly, Bowly was a bird, it was grumbler, overacting, but it was friendly too.
            One day, when Tom was sleeping under the tree, suddenly Bowly came and descend upon that tree, and Bowly sang a song loudly, so Tom felt disturb. Because it, Tom very angry, Tom always angry to Bowly, But Bowly didn’t care with it, until they fight. After they felt thirsty to angry, angry, and angry, they made an agreement.
            In that condition, Bowly was very hungry, and can’t fly again. And in Tom’s body there are a lot of loose, and very itchy. They made an agreement, that Bowly ask to Tom, other looked for Orange for Bowly, because Bowly very like orange. And if Tom get the orange, Bowly would help Tom to clean his body. And they agree with it. So, Tom went to looked for orange.
            One hour Tom looked for the orange, finally it could get the orange. And back to Bowly to give the Orange. Bowly was very happy, because could eat orange, Bowly was very hungry. After that, Bowly cleaned the Tom’s body, and while Bowly cleaned, they were kidding together. After clean the Tom’s body, they made an agreement again, that they would be best friend and friend forever.
            Every day, they always together every where and every time, they always loving each other, understanding each other, and helping each other.

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