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            Corruption is common everywhere in the world, even in the US. It’s just a matter of the intensity, however, that makes Jakarta the most corrupt place in Indonesia.
            Recently the problem of corruption is discussed by public, especially in local good mass media and also national. Many experts are telling its opinion about problem of this corruption. Basically, there are pros of another counter. However although however this corruption harm state and earn joints destroy togetherness of nation. Intrinsically, corruption is" social parasite” damage of structure governance, and become especial resistor to the way and governance development in general.
            In practice, very difficult corruption even near enough impossible can be fought against, because of very difficult give verifications which exact. Beside that is very difficult detecting with legal fundaments which is sure. But access deed of corruption represents latent danger which must take heed either by government or also by society itself.
Corruption is product of attitude to life one society group which wearing money as truth standard and as absolute power. As a result, very rich corruptor clan and all corrupt politician which to excess money can come into top kick elite faction and very
 respected. They this also will occupy high social status is eye society.
 Corruptions have taken place llama, since ancient Egyptian era, Babilonia, Roma until middle ages and hitherto. Corruption happened various state, do not aside from in nations go forward even if. In United States state alone which have so go forward there is still practice corruption. On the contrary, at primitive society where social tying still very strong and control effective social, corruption relative seldom happened. But progressively expanding of it economic sector and politics and also progressively go forward him of is effort development with openings of new natural source, hence gaining strength individual motivation especially among officer of country to practice embezzlement efforts and corruption.
Corruption started progressively insisting of effort development wanted, while bureaucracy processes of relative tardy, so that each and everyone or body wish short cut which quickly by giving repayment by giving money of conscience money. This practice will take place continuously as long as inexistence control from and government society, so that arise officer faction which including OKB-OKB (people rich newly) feathering nest by self (material ambition).
            The survey makes me sad, actually, because I stay and earn a living here in the capital. As we all know from Kotagajah, smuggling is not news at all in this town. Entrepreneurs who want to minimize their tax payment will bribe the officials.
            I think the measures taken so far to overcome the problem by punishing the corruptors have been so far from enough. We have prevented the younger generation from the bad mentality.
            So to be reached the target of national development, hence will do not want to corruption have to be fought against. There are some way of tackling of corruption, started which in character preventive and also which is repressive.
I believe we can start at the earliest stage in school and I think everyone should be involved in the effort to eradicate corruption. We must not make any distinctions.

  1. “I think the measure taken so far to overcome the problem….’(part 3). The underlined word mean?
  2. What is the purpose of the text?
  3. Explain the meaning of corruption?
  4. Why the writer sad after she look the survey?
  5. What part of the text is the last paragraph?
  1. Mean of the underline is Omit.
  2. To persuade readers to overcome the corruption.
  3. Corruption is common everywhere in the world.
  4. Because the writer stay and learn a living in Indonesia in the capital.
  5. The text is the last paragraph is Recommendation.

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